SD-WAN or software defined wide area network, enables your business network segments to optimize traffic, perform near instantaneous fail-over for high performance redundancy, and build security into each site. As a vendor neutral consultant 10D Tech can help your business evaluate and select the perfect SD-WAN provider for your needs. Let us help you solve problems.


A resilient SD-WAN reduces network downtime. The technology must feature real time detection of outages and automatic switch over to working links.

Quality of service

SD-WAN technology supports quality of service by having application level awareness, giving bandwidth priority to the most critical applications. This may include dynamic path selection, sending an application on a faster link, or even splitting an application between two paths to improve performance by delivering it faster.


SD-WAN communication is usually secured using IPsec, a staple of WAN security.

Application optimization

SD-WANs can improve application delivery using caching, storing recently accessed information in memory to speed future access.

Deployment options

Most SD-WAN products are available as pre-configured appliances, placed at the network edge in data centers, branch offices and other remote locations. There are also virtual appliances that can work on existing network hardware, or the appliance can be deployed as a virtual appliance on the cloud in environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows enterprises to benefit from SD-WAN services as they migrate application delivery from corporate servers to cloud based services such as and Google apps.

Administration and troubleshooting

Management simplicity is a key requirement for SD-WANs. Other beneficial administrative features include automatic path selection, the ability to centrally configure each end appliance by pushing configuration changes out, and even a true software defined networking approach that lets all appliances and virtual appliances be configured centrally based on application needs rather than underlying hardware.

Online traffic engineering

With a global view of network status, a controller that manages SD-WAN can route network traffic based upon current resource usage.

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