A Wireless LAN Solution Delivering What Matters Most: a High-Quality User Experience

Deliver wired-like performance and predictability to your mobile users with the Avaya Wireless LAN 9100, which puts your business-critical application needs first.


Cost effective two-tier architecture
Integrated architecture (built-in controller in every AP) reduces equipment and infrastructure requirements and simplifies deployments
Software Programmable Radios
The Avaya WLAN 9100 software programmable radios can be switched from 2.4GHz to 5GHz when needed as the client base evolves to 5GHz.
Flexible Management
Avaya offers both on-premise or cloud based management, making it easy to monitor and control your Wi-Fi network your way.
Increased security
Avaya implements multi-level security measures for wireless network protection risk mitigation. Each AP integrates a stateful firewall and dedicated threat sensor radio for enhanced, 24/7 RF security without compromising user servicing resources. Avaya Application Control enables application detection and application policy control on the network.
High reliability
Avaya distributes intelligence across the network into each AP, eliminating the single point of failure and performance bottleneck of centralized controllers in legacy wireless architectures. Redundant radio, uplink, and device features help ensure seamless wireless network operation.
Full Solution Provider
Avaya offers a true and proven end-to-end ecosystem, from critical unified communications applications through the access technologies, management and services.
Unified BYOD and Guest Access
The Avaya Unified Access solution seamlessly supports the massive proliferation of mobile devices with guest access and onboarding services to automate the process of bringing new devices and users onto the wireless network. Avaya helps ensure all of these devices can get onto the network and operate with high quality end user experience.   Call us at 541-243-4103, or Contact Us to learn how we can help your organization with your wireless WiFi network needs.