Digital Phones

The Avaya 9500 Series Digital Deskphones allow small and medium sized businesses to deliver highly reliable, high quality, communication solutions for a range of user types within the organization. With an appearance and functionality similar to that of the well-established Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones, the 9500 Series can be deployed in mixed digital/IP telephony environments and are an ideal choice for companies wanting to add digital endpoints with a consistent look and user experience to their existing portfolio.
Designed to serve the needs of a wide range of business users, the 1400 Series Digital Deskphones offer a contemporary design with advanced audio technology and productivity enhancing features. These phones work with Avaya Aura® and Avaya IP Office.The 1400 Series of Digital Deskphones is a value-priced family of deskphones targeted at businesses seeking an easy, cost-effective solution for their digital networks.

Avaya 9508 Digital Deskphone

9508 Digital Deskphone

An indispensable phone for executives and managers. Small business executives who spend a great deal of time on the phone rely on advanced telephony features and depend on high quality, real-time voice communications for the success of their roles.

Avaya 1416 Digital Deskphone

1416 Digital Deskphone

This 1416 digital deskphone is designed for receptionists, assistants, managers and other users who answer incoming calls, transfer customers, and monitor several lines throughout a typical day. This phone provides easy and one-touch access to lines, features, and speed dial buttons.

Avaya 9504 Digital Deskphone

9504 Digital Deskphone

The 9504 digital phone aimed at generally lighter users with straightforward needs. Cubicle workers or sales staff within a retail environment are typical.

Avaya 1408 Digital Deskphone

1408 Digital Deskphone

The 1408 Digital Deskphone delivers productivity-enhancing features. Everyday users typically rely on several forms of communication including voice and email integrated with key desktop features which make daily tasks easier.