Can a Co-Managed IT Solution Benefit Your Business?

Businesses of all kinds have been forced to closely examine every aspect of themselves in recent times, and the I.T. space is no exception. Most businesses have an I.T. manager or small internal I.T. resource that manages their technology or helpdesk needs—unfortunately, that’s just not good enough. Recent events have exposed the shortfalls of relying on a single internal I.T. manager; they just don’t have the resources to manage all of your technology solutions. As a result, they become overworked and overwhelmed, which further impacts the quality of their work. They’re just one person—often one person without I.T. training—and they need help. So how do they get the help they need?
Collaborative I.T., also known as co-managed I.T., is the practice of supplementing a business’ existing I.T. resource with an external provider. 10D Tech knows what is necessary to maintain and manage a robust technology solution. We know that it’s hard to manage that alone, hence our Co-Managed I.T. solution. We want to supplement your I.T. team’s efforts with our breadth of tools and years of experience. 
To evaluate if you need a co-managed I.T. partner ask these questions:
1. Are you using Google for answers to your I.T. questions?
2. Do you want to take a vacation, but can’t because the company always needs I.T. help?
3. Now that we’re using Zoom, Teams and other apps at home, is I.T. becoming overwhelming?
4. Are you tired of hearing how [technology problem] isn’t working and the technician [you?] can’t fix it?
5. Would you like to not sleep with the phone next to your pillow?
6. Do you have most of the computer stuff figured out, but really need help with cybersecurity, back-ups, or recovery?
7. Do you want to not need to drive to another staff members house to fix their computer problem?
8. Do you have a great idea, but you’re not certain how to implement it in your network?
9. Are you are concerned your staff is not aware of how to be cybersafe when on your network?
10. Do you just not have time to manage the network, licenses, cloud solutions, and more—while still doing your regular job?
It’s common to see a company rely entirely on a single internal I.T. expert or team. We often see internal I.T. resources being used solely as a tool to fix the small problems that naturally occur with technology. Be it fixing buggy email servers or setting up a remote access solution, these internal I.T. teams are often relegated to fixing helpdesk issues all day. This, unfortunately, keeps them away from the long-term growth projects, regular daily work, or important security management that will more significantly impact your company. If your company does this, your I.T. resource simply doesn’t have enough time in the day to do everything you need them to do—and all of that overtime adds up. It’s both cheaper and more effective to supplement your overworked I.T. team with a Co-Managed I.T. solution than it is to trudge onwards as you are. 
We encourage you to evaluate if a Co-Managed I.T. solution would provide benefit to your company. A reliable I.T. partner or “sidekick” can leverage years of expertise, processes, and an array of tools to guide your company towards a sustainable and effective technology solution. Using a company like 10D Tech is an effective partnership that will meet your needs. In the past few months we’ve noticed even the most stalwart I.T. departments are getting overwhelmed—and it’s not their fault; these are unprecedented events and needs, and nobody can handle it alone. 
If you found yourself say yes to any of the 10 earlier questions, it’s probably time to call a local company like 10D Tech for an evaluation and solution. Technology works for us, we are not slaves to I.T. Schedule a meeting with us via the button below, and we can figure out how to best meet your technology needs!

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Can a Co-Managed IT Solution Benefit Your Business?
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