Business As Usual: Your Urgent Coronavirus Checklist

Your urgent Coronavirus checklist
To ensure your team can work as
normally as possible from home

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Before you jump into implementing solutions, it’s best to get an assessment to define the existing and future needs. 10D Tech can deploy rapid strategic assessment to help you spend dollars efficiently and economically across a bespoke solution mix for your business. We cover contingency plans, teleworker strategy, training, rapid-scale licensing, hardware stockpiling, conferencing tools and workflow collaboration solutions.


Here are some of the areas we will be addressing with your leadership team, as well as the questions we will be asking during our assessment together:

1. Are you confident that your home network security is in place?

3. Is your staff using only approved company-issued devices to work remotely?

2. How stable is the staff members' internet access? Can they log in remotely?

4. Do all devices have an aftermarket anti-virus software installed?

5. Do you have multi-factor authentication set up for remotely connecting to the office server?

7. Does interaction with fellow staff members and clients need to be encrypted?

6. Have you migrated all shared files to a server that staff members can access remotely?

8. Did you ensure your phone system can be used to receive calls from your clients?

9. Will you use an instant messaging tool like Teams, Slack, or another online tool?

10. Will your staff be using online video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype?

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