Avaya IP Office Server Edition

Avaya IP Office Server Edition

IP Office Server Edition is the ideal solution for midsize businesses, delivering intelligent Unified Communications, scalable growth and seamless management. It enables businesses to quickly and easily add users to an existing office or connect a remote office, all from the central HQ.

A Linux server is the heart of the Server Edition, running IP Office software, Voice Messaging and Unified Communications, it delivers true Centralized Management and Licensing for all users, across all locations, in one, intuitive, Graphical User Interface. IP Office Server Edition enhances the capabilities of Preferred Edition…and more!

Cost effective growth
Whether you are adding new users, an entirely new location, new applications, or increasing capacity, IP Office Server Edition makes it easy, and cost effective.

Day-to-day administration of users, groups and call routing across the entire network is easy from the centralized, Graphical User Interface, speeding Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs)

Non-Stop Communications
The failover capabilities of Server Edition for both real time and voice messaging helps assure that businesses don’t miss a beat.

Key Features:
  • Expanded scale/capacity with a Linux server
    Server Edition means seamless growth,…up to 2,000 users per site; and 150 voice messaging ports to all using the same Linux Server.

  • Centralized Management
    Simple administration is the cornerstone of Server Editon. From the one intuitive interface, the System Administrator has one view of all users on a single site or across up to 32 locations. Using system status can, at a glance, let the Administrator know of any potential issues that could affect system performance such as over utilized trunk lines, voice ports, and bandwidth utilization.

  • Centralized Licensing
    Server Edition holds all common licenses centrally, making it cost effective to purchase discounted license packs and easy for a System Administrator to assign user solutions to employees anywhere within the network.

  • Resiliency
    Midsize businesses demand reliability and Avaya IP Office Server Edition delivers. Within a multi-site network where Avaya IP Office Server Edition is deployed across remote locations, in the unlikely event of a system outage, the IP Phones on that location simply re-register to an alternative location. Voice messaging is also critical to many businesses, Server Edition backs up messages and greetings to an alternative Linux server.