Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition:

IP Office Preferred Edition delivers intelligent communications capabilities that enable staff to collaborate easily and respond quickly to customers and colleagues.

With Preferred Edition, businesses can use communications to establish a competitive edge – through intelligent call routing, powerful mobility, intuitive web control, sophisticated messaging, and application integration. IP Office Preferred Edition enhances all the capabilities of Essential Edition and much more.

Investment Protection and Scalability
A scalable solution that grows with your business. It handles ten times more voice messaging capacity than Essential Edition to accommodate higher volumes of calls from customers and additional users.

Improved efficiency
Secure conferencing and auto-attendant provides effective collaboration and improved response times.

Enhance your Customer Experience
Provide information such as wait time and position in queue. Replacing music on hold with promotions or offers enriches the customer experience while boosting revenue opportunities.

Share Best Practice
With built-in call recording, businesses can monitor customer service as well as assist with dispute resolution and training.

Resiliancy provides Business Continuity
In multi-site network environments, Preferred Edition continues to provide service in the event of system failure.

Key Features:

  • Multi-channel contact center – Extends Avaya innovation in contact centers to midsize businesses, giving them the sophisticated capabilities they need in an easy-to deploy and manage application. Enable your customers to contact you via voice, email, web chat, and fax, and proactively manage the entire customer interaction lifecycle, which can translate into more satisfied customers and a more profitable business.
  • Web-based access for office collaboration – Click to make and receive calls; point and click call control; federated presence and IM; control audio conferences; personal, system and corporate directory access, and visual voicemail.
  • Rich collaboration for remote workers – Turn home phones (or any other phone) into office phones with the click of a button from a web browser, while maintaining a consistent caller experience. Stay connected to your colleagues with IM, presence, and directory access just as if you were in the office. All with no end-user software to install or maintain.
  • Mobile access for office collaboration – Extend office phones to Apple iPhone or Android smartphone. Choose the most effective method using cellular, WiFi, or 3G/4G networks. IM, presence, directory, and conference controls are integrated into the application for complete control. Even better, a simple tap in an email is all it takes to download, install, and configure the application on smartphones.
  • Secure “Meet Me” conferencing – Built-in 128-party conferencing means all users can host their own password-protected conference bridge (up to 64-parties per conference) to enhance collaboration. Host a multitude of calls simultaneously. Or, schedule them in advance and let IP Office notify participants automatically
  • Integrated collaboration – Effective communication goes beyond voice. The ability to share and view documents together in real time takes audio conferences to the next level for better communication and faster decision making. The meeting host can even schedule the call and IP Office will remind the users when the meeting is about to start. All of this is possible without the need for additional hardware or external systems.
  • Integrate with the applications your business already has – If your company uses Microsoft Lync or Outlook, or uses Salesforce.com, then Avaya IP Office can embed communications within them while maintaining the application’s interface and experience.
  • Call Recording – Recording of incoming or outgoing calls is built in. Set the frequency of recorded calls (all calls, a percentage of calls), or push a button to record calls on-demand. Send recordings directly to voice/email mailboxes for forwarding via email.
  • Call recording archival and retrieval – Call recording can positively impact customer service and revenue. It can also enable more meaningful training sessions. Calls can be easily and securely retrieved from any PC by searching on any number of fields such as date, time and extension number. They can also be archived to a storage device such as DVD.